The New York Football Giants Season – A Shit Sandwich

So lets talk about the dumpster fire put out by a dirty diaper that was the season of the giants (vivid image huh?...Yeah im a Politzer nominee...self acclaimed*) the New York football Giants began the season believed to be in the top 5 in regards to power rankings throughout most professional sports and media outlets.... Continue Reading →


Disney… you Magnificent son of a bitch .

Heyyyyy everyone! Breaking Fucking news ! Disney just bought a little company known as 21st century Fox. Have you heard of it? They have a few popular things like The Simpson's, Bob's Burgers , Hell's Kitchen, and things like X-men, Deadpool and Fantastic 4.... Wait a minute. Disney owns Marvel Studios.... SO we are finally... Continue Reading →

Mike’s Extra-Life Story

I'm 24 years old, on the brink of turning 25. There has not been a time in my life where I felt more proud of myself than in 2013. In 2013 I joined a video game news and review site called Gamer Assault Weekly. A bunch of great people I have to pleasure of meeting... Continue Reading →

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